Blender Website Review & Ratings + Blender Coupons
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Blender Website Review & Ratings + Blender Coupons

Blender: Products & Services

Blender is popular animation software which is offered free by the, a known community of animators and artists. Again, Blender is a free program which allows all the aspiring artists try it out, and invent state of the art animations and smooth 2D and 3D graphics.

The program is offered as an open source rendering program which means, that updates will surely be taken to improve its performance. It can offer you the most advanced tools for animation and drawing which the artists will surely love to use. Along with the software is allowing its users to view some of its tutorials for easy navigation on the software’s interface.

Blender: Company Background is not a typical maker of high end animation software but, it is also one of the very helpful foundations for aspiring artists. It is also called as the Blender Foundation, which aims to have a steady flow of ideas between the users and developers of Blender. The main office of Blender Foundation is located in the Amsterdam Blender Institute.

Because of the revenues that this foundation gets, Ton Roosendaal and his team managed to come up with a powerful program simply named as Blender, and they are now working full-time to be competitive in their chosen industry.

Blender: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Blender performs well on its chosen niche, although a lot of competitors are just beside it on the list. According to CNet’s expert review towards Blender, the program is really powerful when it comes to animations, 3D, and even 2D graphics. However, along with its effectiveness is the complicated set of tools on its interface which urges you to read the posted tutorials on Earning the mastery is not instant, that you may need to spend days of reading. Still, spending time for it is all worth it. CNet gave Blender 5 out of 5 stars as its rating.

Blender: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Although Blender itself did not received much awards compared to its more popular competitors, Blender Foundation has proved that they can withstand trials in this industry that they managed to get back after droughts in funds. Ton, which is’s chairman, successfully got the trust of the people to donate 100,000 EUR after their “Free Blender” campaign. Now, because of its achievement, was introduced under the GNU General Public License, which is enough that Blender Foundation is a trusted service provider.

Blender: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

As expected, the website of does well when it comes to popularity online. According to Alexa, it is now ranked 11,045th globally and at the 10,035th spot as a popular website in the United States. The reputation posted is high with 13,293 total of links linked into Blender’s official website.

The Google PageRank of is higher than being promising having a 7 out of 10 page rank and 10 is the highest rate. By this, we can say that is not just dedicated in offering quality free animation program, but also performs well on SEO tactics.

Blender: Social Media Presence

Blender decided to settle on creating their official Facebook group rather than creating a Facebook page. Still, their Facebook group is an open group which means anyone can join there. It has now 10,114 members and still counting. The official Twitter account of Blender has been doing great in updating all its followers. It has now 13,267 followers and updates its account on a regular basis.

Blender: Website Security & Safety

According to the Google SafeBrowsing tool, it detected no traces of malicious activities on the site of, making it a safe site to browse. However, the site itself does not allow or did not activate its https:// connection because as you type it along with the site’s URL, nothing appears but just an error.

Blender: Pricing & Packages

Again, Blender is an open source rendering program and it is free to all. Anyone can download it as long as its system requirements are met. Because of this, pricing is not necessary to be posted since nothing is available. For the packages, there are several of them, categorized according to the needs of the users. There is the Blender designed for Windows OS with 32 bits and 64 bits, Linux for x86-32 and x86-64, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. All the files to be downloaded are under 60MB of size.

Blender: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable to this website.

Blender: Payment Methods Accepted

Although Blender does not sell its program, it does accept donations from satisfied users. The people can donate through its PayPal button on its download page. Credit card payments, bank transfers, and other popular online payment systems are accepted. You can also help them to gain funds by purchasing some of their DVDs and tutorials for a very reasonable price.

Blender: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The free program of Blender is available for all but, they will not be liable if the program downloaded will not work on the case of a user. Those occurrences must be reported to their webmaster to fix the bugs. No policy is posted by the website itself but, they are dedicated in giving updates on their software, to diminish the bugs that cause disappointments among their users. 

Blender: Product images & screenshots
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